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Growing your Facebook Audience

Facebook Fan Steps

(This is to increase your Facebook Likes and Follows)

By having a large following encourages others to jump on the bandwagon. We want to attract as many followers as possible. Simple Facebook ads with only your product to purchase will only get less than 1% of people to click on your Facebook page and become a follower.

We want to entice many people to follow, then we can show the masses value for free, like how to use your product, tips/tricks to make life easier, fun/interesting posts to keep them coming back to your page and also something to share with others and really grow your business.

Remember, the goal of any business is grow. Don’t think of creating a million dollar business but a BILLION dollar business.

This is Step 1

Go to Canva, Start a free account(

Go to your Facebook business page

Choose a yellow background

Select Text then Add Subheading

Put in a 5 word or less inspirational/motivational quote that everybody agrees with like “You were made to Thrive”

Center it on the page

Save as a JPEG


Go to your facebook business page

Click “Promote”

Pick “Promote your page”

Change image and upload your created image you just created

Upload image and confirm

Change intro words…”Click “like” to like this page, if you agree”

Ignore audience

Set 7 days

Set cost at $20per day(Minimum $10)

Click Promote

Go to manager

Choose the campaign you just created

Go into Ad Sets

Scroll down and Change location to “Worldwide”, type it in

Exclude: United States, then United Kingdom, then Canada, then Australia

We will focus on these later

Click on Publish

Let run for the entire 7 days

Proceed to Step 2 to gain a larger and increasingly more relevant audience. Email for specifics.

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