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2017 Orion Logistics 360.

Ultra Paws

durable dog boots



Basics:   Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots, 4-Pack

Size:       Medium

Use:       Paw protection for your dog from winter cold, snow, salt

Price:     $39.99 Fleet Farm



This 4-pack of Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots consist of 4 individual boots that have two Velcro strips per boot to secure onto your pet’s paws. The material is nylon fabric with a tough, pliable, thicker plastic pad on the bottom to withstand abrasion from the ground.

The size tested were medium and are listed to fit paw width of 2.75”/7.0cm based on the instructions given on the package to “Measure the distance across the width of your dog’s paw (…) and adding ¼” to allow extra room to spread.” The pets tested were two German Shorthaired Pointers weighing 50lbs and 55lbs. The boots fit perfectly and remained secure on these highly active dogs.



The high quality, ease of use, the double Velcro straps, and durability of these boots are reflected in the testing using the two pointers. These dogs are very active and high-energy. The boots, being able to remain secure and not restrict movement, are a testament to the high quality of this brand.

The only drawbacks include the little extra time to put on the dogs, however, when it is bitterly cold out or you may encounter a lot of “ice-melting-salt” it is well worth the time and effort to protect your pups from the elements. The other drawback is the desire to dry the boots in-between letting the dogs outside frequently.


Highly recommended for paw protection from snow, ice, salt for your pet. It would be convenient to let boots dry out in-between uses near a forced air house vent or fan so they are dry and ready for the next outing. This is a great product. Customer service was not used due to the well-made quality.

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